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Bansko is situated in Southwestern Bulgaria. It is the birth town of great Bulgarians like Neofit Rilski, Paisii Hilendarski and the poet Nikola Vaptzarov. Today Bansko is a world famous winter resort.

Bansko is located on the northern slopes of Pirin at an altitude of 925 m. The resort provides excellent conditions for practicing winter sports.

With VEGER Rent a Car`s automobiles you can travel to this beautiful town fast and comfortable and you can start enjoying you favorite sport right away or just take a walk in the mountain. We offer you also car transfers From Sofia to Bankso- The one way prices are:

110Euro with Car 4+1

130Euro with Mini-van 6+1

150Euro with Mini-bus 8+1

170Euro with Lemousine 


Velianov`s house –a historical monument from Bulgaria`s National Revival period. It is one of the most beautiful houses with its rich wall writings and exquisite wood carvings.

The church “Holy Trinity”- is the biggest and richest in Pirin region.

Pirin National Park – is one of three national parks in Bulgaria. It covers a big part of Pirin Mountain.